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Replacement Engine Short Engine Protective Plate Crankcase -86 Mounting Parts Crankcase 87- Mounting Parts Crankshaft Connecting Rod Piston Piston Rings -10, M44.05 Cylinder Head Valves M44.50/51, M44.52 Cylinder Head Valves M44.40 Cylinder Head Valves M44.05/06/07, M44.08/09, M44.10/50/51, M44.52 Camshaft Housing Camshaft M44.40 Camshaft Driving Mechanism -86 Camshaft Driving Mechanism -87 Camshaft Driving Mechanism Balance Shaft M44.05/06/07, M44.08/09, M44.10/40 Engine Lubrication M44.50/51 Engine Lubrication M44.50/51, M44.52 Oil Cooling M44.50/51, M44.52 Engine Lubrication Turbocharger M44.05/06/07, M44.08/09, M44.10/40 Water Pump M44.50/51 Water Pump M44.40 Water Cooling M44.50/51, M44.52 Water Cooling M44.05/06/07, M44.08/09, M44.10 Air Cleaner System M44.50/51, M44.52 Air Cleaner System M44.40 Air Cleaner System M44.05/06/07, M44.08/09, M44.10 L-Jetronic 1 M44.05/06/07, M44.08/09, M44.10 L-Jetronic 2 M44.05/06/07, M44.08/09, M44.10 L-Jetronic 3 M44.50/51, M44.52 L-Jetronic 1 M44.50/51, M44.52 L-Jetronic 2 M44.50/51 L-Jetronic -87 M44.51/52 L-Jetronic 88-

M44.50/51, M44.52 L-Jetronic 4 M44.50/51, M44.52 Charge Air Cooler M44.40 L-Jetronic M44.05/06/07, M44.08/09, M44.10/40 Engine Suspension M44.40 L-Jetronic M44.40 L-Jetronic M44.05/06/07, M44.08/09, M44.10 Water Cooling M44.50/51, M44.52 Engine Suspension

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