25.5mm M030 Poly Front Sway Bar Bushings

Code: PFF57-204-25.5

25.5mm tubular Poly M030 Performance Front Sway Bar Bushings


Ships in 2-3 Days

Ships in 2-3 Days


Stiffer polyurethane sway bar bushings (also commonly referred to as anti roll bar bushings) reduce play and deflection in the sway bar. Rubber bushings tend to get soft and pliable over time and allow the sway bar to flex too much.

Rubber OEM bushings deteriorate with age.  Upgrade your bushings to Lifetime Warranty Powerflex bushings.  Bushings that won’t increase noise or harshness while providing a lifetime of handling improvement and safety.

Increased Tire Life
Decreased Deflection
Improved Responsiveness
Reduced Braking Distances
Improved Performance
Increased Safety

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