Porsche 944 LED Headlight Conversion Kit

Code: 944HLC.LED

Porsche 944, 924, 951 LED Headlight Conversion Kit


Ships in 2-3 Days

Ships in 2-3 Days


Note: These LED light bulbs are for racing use only. They are not DOT approved and are not for street use.

The headlights on the US spec 944 are dull with very poor visibility. Porsche used the technology of the time which was sealed beam headlight on the 924, 944 sold in the US. Old style sealed beam headlights are not good at all for seeing and have very limited options for upgrades, so we made a solution for this problem.

Our headlight conversion kit includes 2 new crystal clear glass headlight lenses which are open in the back to allow for an H4 style light bulb, plus 2 high quality and very bright LED H4 light bulbs. This kit included everything you will need to convert your headlights to LED light bulbs and see much better while racing at night.

Since LED headlights use much less power than halogen/sealed beams lights, there is no need to upgrade the wire harness. The original wire harness is more than good enough to handle these LED bulbs.

Kit includes
2 – Glass headlights
2 – H4 style LED light bulbs

Headlights are LHD glass lenses with chrome metal reflecting base. The base is open to allow for an H4 style light bulb.

LED light bulbs included with this kit
-H4 Style
-Separate High and Low Beams
-Rated at 30000 hours of use
-8000 Lumens total
-6000K Color (Super Bright White)
-2 LEDs on each bulb for better all around light
-Heat sink with built in cooling fan to keep operating temperatures low
-Power draw is 36w

Please note. Headlights are designed for left hand drive cars only. They are not DOT approved and are sold for racing or off road use only.

Check out the instructions Here. Installation takes only about 10 minutes and a phillips screwdriver is the only tool needed.

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