Aeroquip Textile 944 Fuel Line Kit 83-89

Code: RB115

Fix for one of the most common and catastrophic failures on the Porsche 944! The fuel lines.


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Rennbay brings the 944 community a fuel line kit to replace the high pressure feed and return lines going to the fuel rail on all Porsche 944’s.

Kit Features:
Compression fitting connections
High temperature aeroquip textile coated hose
Tubing cutter included

LATE KIT: Porsche 944 from 1985.5+ & Porsche 944 Turbo
EARLY 1: Porsche 944 1983  – 1984.1 (feed line connects to damper)
EARLY 2: Porsche 944 1984 – 1985.1 (feed line connects to back of rail)

NOTE: There are two types of fuel rails on early cars with no exact relation to manufacture date. Cars requiring the EARLY 1 kit will have a metal S shaped line that connects the feed line directly the the fuel pressure damper on the rail. EARLY 2 rails will have a short metal line coming directly out of the rear of the fuel rail that the feed line connects to. 

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