Performance 951 Clutch Fork Upgrade Kit


Porsche 95111608500 944 Turbo performance upgraded fork


Ships in 2-3 Days

Ships in 2-3 Days


The Porsche 944 turbo clutch release fork is notorious for wearing, breaking, and overall poor bearing design.
BDR brings you an upgrade solution for the 951 (944 Turbo). Also available for the 944 NA and the 968.

The BDR clutch release forks:
– have the pads TIG welded and resurfaced
– fingers reinforced with weldment
– heat treated for durability
– self oiling bushings are pressed in
– bushings are lapped to a new clutch fork control shaft for perfect sizing and smooth action
– are re-coated for rust resistance and aesthetic bling

This is a must-do upgrade for anyone with a worn fork as MSRP for a 95111608500 fork, bearings and pin is a total of  $563.52!
Your clutch pedal will never feel the same again!

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