Body In White Prime Coated Sealed Sprayed With Filler With Underbody Protection

Side Member Heat Shield CABRIO Floor Section Reinforcement COUPE Rear Lid -90 Rear Spoiler Group 5, 1/90 TURBO, 944S2 Rear Lid 90- Rear Spoiler 91- CABRIO Rear Lid Door Outer Door Handle Door Lock Central Locking System COUPE Power Windows Window Guide CABRIO Power Windows Window Guide Window Glazing Pop-Up Headlight Sound Absorber Linings Door Trim Panel Rooflining CABRIO Linings Seat Complete Group Dashboard Trim Luggage Compartment Cover Sun Visor Door Mirror Interior Mirror Cassette Box Centre Console Moulding Insignias Stone Guard Film M650 Lifting Roof M650 Lifting Roof Driving Mechanism CABRIO Convertible Top Convertible Top Covering CABRIO Convertible Top Frame CABRIO Seal CABRIO Convertible Top Control Electric CABRIO Convertible Top Cover Seat Belt Front Seat Belt Rear Lap Belt Heater Air Conditioner Blower Air Duct M573 Refrigerant Circuit Body Front Section COUPE Side Section CABRIO Side Section Windscreen Frame Terminal Piece Transmission Carrier Boot Floor Plate Roof Wing Bumper With Impact Absorber 944 Front Spoiler -89 944S2,TURBO Front Apron And Bumper 944S944S2,TURBO, 944S2,TURBO, M472 Sill Cover Winged Rear Apron CABRIO Linings /H Lid Front Actuator M573 Compressor Vacuum Control Control Switch

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